Client: ASCENT is an organization that is committed to leading global women to the top of their industries.

At the heart of ASCENT is the ability to surround a woman’s needs to properly develop and be heard in the corporate environment. Over the years, the fight has changed, and calling in the right cohorts has shifted from those who understood there was a fight to sit at the table to those who never knew a fight existed. ASCENT wants to expand the program to include women in leadership across the board, without losing its focus on minority support.

Challenge: Create a strategic campaign that inspires 30 nominations for ASCENT’S Fall session.






Solution: She Is More. Utilizing print mailers and social media we created a campaign surrounding the idea that “She Is More”, and deserves to find her power through the ASCENT program.




Ashley Koudou, Art director, Designer

Megan Kowalski, Designer

Sean Guidera, Strategist, Copywriter

Andrea Amelse, Strategist


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