Spotify GV50

Client: Spotify, the music, podcast, and video streaming service that helps you find the right music for every moment – on your phone, your computer, your tablet and more.


To make Spotify the global authority in music by bringing more visibility to the Global Viral 50 playlist. Your goal is to make the Global Viral 50 playlist a cultural force and the number one reference point for the most buzzworthy artists and hottest tracks in music.

The Global Viral 50 (GV50) represents velocity—how interesting are the artist becoming, versus have become. It’s about trending, versus achievement. The Billboard Top 10 celebrates a final state, a goal achieved. Whereas the GV50 speaks to what’s trending.


My interpretation: Connect Spotify’s GV50 playlist with those who will make the most of it.

Insight: Media and digital culture have changed the way the dance industry works and those who want to make it are looking for new ways to stand out.

Solution: You can’t have Dance without Spotify.

A social media campaign that uses Spotify’s platform and Twitter. 50 dancers, 50 songs, 50 places around the world. Spotify will nominate 50 dance in influencers to help lead the GV50 campaign and have the chance to be Spotify’s Global Viral Dancer on International Dance Day. The winner will be determined based on which video stays at the number 1 spot.

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