Packaging Design

Product Design 

Ad campaign

SWABS is a product line capable of much more than the average skin or hair care line. With it’s all natural flexible ingredients, SWABS got you covered from head to toe.

SWABS started as Simply West African Black Soap. A miracle soap that can be used for everything from hair to the body. From there, SWABS grew into a full product line with a multitude of capabilities. These 3 ads introduces the rest of the SWABS family.

YouTube and Social

SWABS Stories is the second part to the SWABS campaign that invites naturals and skincare lovers to share their stories secrets and rituals with the hashtag #SWABStories.


SWABS is self funded student project created by me as my final senior project.

Ashley Koudou: Product formulator, Packaging designer, Art director and copywriter

Michael Bryant: Film director, editor

Gabe Broderick: Cinematography, lighting

Curtis Craven: Set Design, sound

Ethan Vander Broek: Production

Models: Nala Ford, Maria Robinson, Taylan De Johnette, Ken Washington

Furniture designed by Harper Comstock (table), Kehayr Brown (side table), Mad Radtke (rug)